January 24, 2024

Maturing Web3 Analytics

Metrics are abundant. But where are the insights?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HyperArc?

HyperArc is a platform for next-generation web3 analytics. We enable users (technical and non-technical alike) to easily explore web3 data and discover important insights. Read this blog post for more on how current web3 analytics are broken and how we are different!

What are DataApps?

DataApps are what we call the highly interactive, multi-page, multi-visualization apps that can be created with the HyperArc platform. These DataApps are easy to share and embed, and allow teams and/or communities to explore all sorts of data. Try out this DataApp, an introduction to how DataApps work!

How can I use HyperArc?

You can explore an existing DataApp today. Here are three options: Intro to DataApps, Wallet Explorer, Token Explorer.

If you are interested in becoming a customer and creating your own DataApps, let us know. You can request a demo.

Can HyperArc do "x"?

HyperArc and our DataApps can do many, many things - the list is unlimited. Take a look at our Use Cases page for just a few ideas. However, rest assured that our platform can support almost any kind of analysis and visualization, across the entire history of all the top blockchains.

How is HyperArc different from other web3 analytics?

Web3 analytics, to date, have essentially repurposed tools from web2 and tried to fit them on top of blockchains. This has resulted in limited functionality and limited their use to highly technical users. HyperArc has been built with web3 in mind, by a team that has built other world-class analytics products, like Tableau and Salesforce Analytics. Read more in our blog post.

How much does HyperArc cost?

HyperArc is being used by technical and business teams across top protocols and web3 startups. If you'd like to learn more and see how HyperArc can work for your team/company, request a demo!

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