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HyperArc DataApps are next-gen web3 analytics: easy to use, fast, scalable, and extremely powerful. Interactive and highly customizable.

Forget SQL queries, cumbersome joins and static JPGs - instead click, drag, drop and tell a story.


Why HyperArc?

Pristine data

We start with billions of cross-chain data points, adding more every minute. The data is cleansed, normalized and made available in real-time.

We make web3 data easy to understand and explore. Forget about knowing the details of schema tables and how to join them, "spellbooks", complex protocols, ABIs and function calls.

HyperArc lets you focus on getting the insights you want.

Why HyperArc?

For everyone: technical
and non-technical

Our visual interface allows you to quickly explore and navigate the data. Everything from individual transactions to complex multi-chain queries is just a few clicks away.

If you’re a developer, you can dive into our domain-specific language or SQL to further refine a query. Create APIs in one click to use in your development and apps.

Whatever your level of technical expertise, you will be productive in minutes.

Why HyperArc?

World-class analytics

Our modern analytics platform, purpose-built for web3, gives results and updates in fractions of a second, not minutes or hours. You’ll be amazed by your ability to smoothly navigate between complex queries and analyses.

Features like faceting, filter sets, global filters and many more give you a tremendous amount of power to seek and identify insights.

HyperArc DataApps immerse you in the data.

Why HyperArc?

Native collaboration

Creating visualizations and DataApps is just the beginning. Each element is fully interactive and the starting point for further analysis and exploration.

DataApps can be public or private, and are forkable and fully versioned. Our social features allow for collaboration between teammates, users or customers, and social followers.

Why HyperArc?

Enterprise power

For companies, projects, foundations or DAOs we offer even more advanced capabilities and services.

Bring private and off-chain data, and smart contract specs, into HyperArc to do valuable, proprietary analyses. We’ll also make sure you’re fully onboarded and productive and can provide custom queries and DataApps when necessary.

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