HyperArc's Mission

We are firm believers in the power inherent in blockchains, their potential to empower people and institutions in new ways, and to change the world for the better. However, web3 data is still difficult to compile, analyze, and understand. Our mission is to drive web3 by making blockchain data and insights available to everyone.

Our platform enables technical and non-technical users to find the insights they need; collaborate with their colleagues, customers and/or followers; and build the products and platforms that will drive global web3 adoption.




Tristan Tao

Tristan Tao

CEO and Co-founder

Tristan is a multi-time founder who has worked on analytics education, marketing automation, and web3 for over a decade. He has owned product, engineering, and GTM functions resulting in $150m in aggregate ARR growth. He loves motorcycles, ramen, and boxing.

Zuye Zheng

Zuye Zheng

CTO and Co-founder

Having been sent to Kumon to learn SQL at a young age by tiger parents, Zuye's mission in life became making data accessible and actionable to all, but with less childhood trauma. He previously helped launch and led analytics at Salesforce and later Tableau.

Garrett Kiel

Garrett Kiel

Software Engineer

Garrett hails from Illinois and studied CS at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He has worked at Salesforce and Duetto. He loves rock climbing, going to concerts and likes to read sci-fi and fantasy books.

Felix Li

Felix Li

Software Engineer

Felix is a UC Berkeley and Georgia Tech alumnus with a Masters in Computational Perception & Robotics. His experience spans FPGA, robotics, AI cameras, and Web3. He loves to be active (snowboarding, volleyball, tennis, badminton) and learn new languages.

Linh Pham

Linh Pham

Product Designer

Linh is a product designer with over 15 years of experience creating a range of well-known tools and products for data analytics and visualizations. At HyperArc, she’s dedicated to advancing data democracy and accessibility within the web3 domain.

Ashwin Raja

Ashwin Raja

Software Engineer

Brooklyn-based backend developer, passionate about (big!) data technologies. Ex-Stripe, Ex-Iterable, Ex-Workday. Loves basketball and dogs.

David Rangel

David Rangel


David has had operating, product and investing roles, at both very early stage startups and large companies like Google and Microsoft. He is a true believer in Web3 and is hodling tightly.

Memmber photo

Liangchen Zhou

Data Scientist

Liangchen is an alumnus of Blockchain at USC with diverse experience in DeFi, governance, incentive designs, and Crypto Ventures. He enjoys blitz chess, podcasts, and onchain sleuthing.

Angels and Advisors

Andrew Boni

CEO, Iterable

Sireesh Bodireddygari

SVP Software Eng., Salesforce

Vijay Chakravarthy

GM Analytics Cloud, Salesforce

Mike Del Balso

CEO, Tecton

Kedar Doshi

EVP Big Data/Observability, Salesforce

Payom Dousti

CEO, Cozy

Todd Emaus

Founder, Cadence & Partner, Evolution

Peter Fishman

CEO, Mozart Data

Dega Gebre

CEO, Edge Payments

Michael Oved

Founder, Airswap

Ravi Parikh

Founder, Heap Analytics & Airplane

Ken Schiller

Ex-Director of Engineering, Royal

Craig Weissman

Ex-CTO, Salesforce

Dheeraj Sareen

Technology Partnership @ Adyen