Web3 insights 

without the complexity

Explore web3 data, discover important insights, take action. No need for SQL, ETL, or code (unless you want to).

HyperArc's interactive DataApps enable you to really understand, and tell a story with, your data.


Smoothly navigate from complex, cross-project queries down to individual transactions in seconds. Forget about separate block explorers, indexers, and clunky SQL-based tools.

DataApps are unique in enabling seamless data exploration.


Dive deeper into any interesting things you see, try out different interactive charts and visualizations. Craft and tell the whole story by bringing them together in beautiful DataApps.

Quickly find and share the powerful business insights your team needs.

Take Action

Make the most of your data and the insights you've uncovered by integrating with, or triggering, any application or service.

DataApps are the hub for your team's interactions with on-chain data and insights.


Share interactive DataApps and iterate with teammates, partners, your users and the public. Magnify the impact of your data and insights.

No more sharing static screenshots and JPGs that lack context and actionability.

Used by:

“HyperArc is a must-have when analyzing on-chain launch metrics. It enabled us to make informed strategic decisions in helping our ecosystem grow; the real-time DataApps we built will power data-driven decisions in the future.“


Payom Dousti



”Teams building for the long haul in web3 need unrestricted access to what is happening on-chain while minimizing engineering investment. This is what HyperArc excels at - it’s a no-brainer.”


Michael Wee



Enterprise Features
and Services

Our Enterprise tiers enable teams to combine combine proprietary and on-chain data for even more valuable insights, along with white-glove service.

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Start exploring DataApps

An Intro to DataApps

This DataApp is an intro to DataApps. Walk through the HyperArc functionality while exploring live web3 data and discovering interesting insights.

Explore our intro DataApp!

Wallet Explorer

This DataApp allows you to select a specific wallet and then explore its activity, transactions and holdings of both ERC-20 tokens and NFTs

Explore any wallet with this interactive DataApp.

Token Explorer

This DataApp lets you explore the token universe, across multiple chains, and learn more about their prices, holders, transaction, usage and more.

Explore any token's dynamics with this DataApp!